Sunday 1 March 2015

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Creative Longford was established in the autumn of 2013 when a group of like minded creative and crafts people, sharing a common vision, came together. 

That vision was to create a platform to promote crafts made in Longford and the surrounds, building a brand recognised locally but also nationally and potentially internationally. A brand that is synonymous with quality hand-made products and reflecting the diversity and versatility of the talented creative and crafts people who live and work in this region.

Creative Longford strives to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for our members. It is our hope that this environment, combined with the experience of those who have turned a hobby or a craft into a business, will help those who want to progress with their craft in areas such as;
  • Product Development
  • Grant Aid
  • Marketing 
  • Online Marketing 
  • Customer Service
  • Trade Shows 
  • Photography
We believe that through the sharing of knowledge and experience we can gain invaluable information and advice leading to members feeling more confident in their ability and product.

As we enter our second full year it is good to take a look back and reflect on what we have achieved. Creative Longford has had a very busy and productive first year. This is thanks to a dedicated membership who worked hard all year to ensure that events were well organised and well supported. 

The following is a taste of what we have achieved in our first year:

  • We have successfully formed a network with a working constitution and committee.
  • We have hosted a very successful Craft Fair in Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre with Creative Longford.
  • We met and made a presentation to the President Micheal D. Higgins during his visit to Creative Longford.
  • During the CruthĂș Arts Festival, held in Longford Town, we ran a very successful pop up shop.
  • We have established a brand and logo that is recognised within County Longford.
  • We have a selection of crafters products for sale in Creative Ardagh and in Trish Kennedy's ‘Artful Hub’ Studio in Longford town.
  • Members featured on Irish T.V, channel 191, on the  Longford Matters programme. 
So what does 2015 hold for Creative Longford and its members?
  • We hope to see our membership grow as it is only by attracting new members that ideas can stay fresh and new and skills can be developed.
  • We already have more ‘Pop up Shops’ and Craft Fairs organised.
  • In the long term we hope to grow along the same lines as Made in Westmeath and The Leitrim Design House.
So if you like what you have read, why not get in touch, meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month and everyone is welcome. Venue may differ from month to month in order to facilitate those who  cannot make it to Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre. For more information contact us on:

Mobile: 086 3027602
Facebook:  Creative Longford 

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